Heretical Demo Patch Notes 0.1.0a

With our first Steam release, we aim to gather even more feedback and broaden the audience of playtesters.

Most important changes we've made in this update are:

World changes:

  • A new boss guards the gates of Sanctora College, barring you from entering unchallenged.
  • Added weather effects to the Outcast Settlement.
  • Reworked the upper part of the Outcast Settlement to accommodate the new boss.
  • Added SFX and Music to the Outcast Settlement region.
  • Reduced the amount of enemies you encounter in the Outcast Settlement to make the area bit less challenging.

Skill changes:

  • Dash: now has Iframes while dashing.
  • Dash: While out of combat, recharges twice as fast.

Items & Uniques:

  • New Unique - Carnage Reaver: 1H Axe that improves Swirling Carnage by adding 2 more axes to it.
  • New Unique - The Verdict: 2H Axe that causes your Execute skill to grant you bonus Max HP and Physical Attack with each kill.
  • New Unique - Boulder Breaker: 2H Mace that launches a boulder with each hit. These boulders deal attack damage upon landing and can be launched again by hitting them.

We thank everyone who participated in previous playtests!

As always be sure to join our Discord channel to stay up to date with our development and be able to give us feedback, suggest changes or report issues.