Heretical Demo Patch Notes 0.1.4d

Greetings Lost Souls!

We have just released another stability update which focuses on ironing out issues with the input, UI and some gameplay issues.

Here's a complete list of changes in version 0.1.4d:

Gameplay and QOL Changes:

  • Fixed an issue with the blocking mechanic which was preventing players and enemies from blocking anything that isn't damage over time.
  • Added damage over time indicator for enemy HP bars so you can more clearly see how much HP they will lose from dots.
  • Damage numbers are smaller and last shorter so that they don't clutter the screen as much.
  • Toggling damage number options in the gameplay settings has an immediate effect ingame.
  • Fixed an issue with Magma Orb causing it to deal double impact damage on its main target.
  • Fixed Raiders and Undying Champion not dealing land damage.
  • Dashing while holding down the attack button doesn't interrupt the attack flow.
  • You can now view your character sheet while choosing new items or skills by pressing TAB / RB.
  • Fixed a few screens not being visible properly with wide-screen monitors.
  • Scroll speed for some of the compendium elements sped up for the mouse scroll wheel.
  • Fixed a major issue where the camera would get stuck if you pulled a lever while engaged in combat.

As always be sure to join our Discord channel to stay up to date with our development and be able to give us feedback, suggest changes or report issues.