Heretical Demo Patch Notes 0.1.1d

First playtest feedback came in and we're thrilled that everyone is enjoying Heretical so far!

And now, it's time for a small update that covers some of the issues we've noticed so far.

Most important changes we've made in this update are:

World changes:

  • Wall gliding is now much more difficult to perform.
    Developer comment: We made this change because some players could leave the bounds of the map and encounter unpredictable behavior.
  • Fixed some missing collisions which allowed players to exit bounds of the demo.
  • Fixed a bug with Matron Amara not staying dead if you reload the game.
  • Added a few more animated details to the environment to make it feel more alive.
  • Any meteors that fall after Undying Champion was slain will not leave a boulder behind them.
  • Husk Assassins now throw 2 daggers instead of 3.
  • Fixed Black Dawn Prophecy not showing up after you've seen the Darkness for the first time.

Skill changes:

  • Shield Bash: now scales based on Block Force. It will no longer prevent fall damage, and can block only frontal damage.
  • Death's Gamble: now gains stacks when dealing damage, instead of when attacking.
  • Elemental Overload: now properly shows stacks for each element.

Items & Uniques:

  • Boulder Breaker: Added a prophecy which locks boulder breaker behind it.
    Developer comment: While we loved seeing you react to the Boulder Breaker, it is too overpowered and unpredictable to have it be obtainable from first run.

Gameplay and QOL Changes:

  • Added EULA and controller support to the main menu.
  • Improved accessibility of the Profile Selection screen in the main menu.
  • Sped up mouse scroll speed of Prophecies and Credits screen.
  • Well of Stars and Prophet now properly require you to be next to them to allocate stars/claim prophecies when using the controller.

And many more under-the-hood undocumented changes that are based on your feedback.

We want to thank everyone who participated in this playtest and we hope you'll stay with us for future updates!

As always be sure to join our Discord channel to stay up to date with our development and be able to give us feedback, suggest changes or report issues.