Heretical Demo Patch Notes 0.1.5d

Greetings Lost Souls!

With this update, we're preparing for the official demo release and we're looking to add some quality-of-life features, as well as fix some of the issues we noticed during the playtest.

Here's a complete list of changes in version 0.1.5d:

Gameplay and QOL Changes:

  • Damage of Bows nerfed across the board.
  • Range of One Handed and Two Handed Swords increased by 0.5.
  • Range of Two Handed Axes increased by 0.2.
  • Fixed controller support for Settings both in the game and in the main menu.
  • Inquisitors now have sound effects.
  • Compendium is no longer accessible in the Main Menu if you haven't unlocked any of its entries yet.
  • XP is no longer dropped in nuggets but rather added to your character immediately as enemies die.
  • Gold and Item drops from enemies no longer leave a trail behind them to avoid confusing them for enemy missiles.
  • The Changelog button in the Main Menu now has a small indicator that lets you know if you haven't seen the latest patch notes.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to claim prophecies as done before they were actually fulfilled.

As always be sure to join our Discord channel to stay up to date with our development and be able to give us feedback, suggest changes or report issues.